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Project Description

This project is an attempt to provide a wrapper around the VSTS instrumentation and code coverage tools.

VSTS provides very powerful code coverage tools with Visual Studio, but as packaged, you need to be running MSTest unit tests to obtain this coverage data. There is a way of getting this data without using MSTest though, by using another test framework such as NUnit or MbUnit for example.

This wrapper encapsulates the generation of the .coverage file from a run of NUnit or MbUnit (or similar), but in addition it provides an automated generation of the .xml version of the .coverage file (both can be read by Visual Studio directly), and then uses an XSLT template to transform the XML ouput into a final human readabale page (by default a .html file)

Further extension will pull the actual parameters from the hardcoded values in the console application into a wrapper class, and will wrap both with a command line tool and with an MSBuild task - however the code is functional enough, and is transparent enough, that both of these tasks should be easy to implement for anyone wishing to do so for themselves if they require this immediately.

Please Note

This is only a wrapper around the MS VSTS test tools, these are not included in this package, you must own a valid licence for these tools (part of VS2008 Developer or VS2008 Test editions). The source code is in a VS2008 solution, but will also work with the VS2005 testing tools (from VS2005 Team Edition or Test edition)

Some Dependencies Explained

This application is far from elegant at present, as time allows I will tidy it up and make it "slicker". Till then, here are some tips to avoid problems: dependencies

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